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BSC032N03SG Infineon Technologies AG

Part Number : BSC032N03SG

Function : Power Transistor

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Manufacturers : Infineon Technologies AG

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BSC032N03S G OptiMOS™2 Power-Transistor Features • Fast switching MOSFET for SMPS • Optimized technology for notebook DC/DC converters • Qualified according to JEDEC1 for target applications • Logic level / N-channel • Excellent gate charge x R DS(on) product (FOM) • Very low on-resistance R DS(on) • Superior thermal resistance • Avalanche rated; dv/dt rated • Pb-free lead plating; RoHS compliant • Halogen-free according to IEC61249-2-21 Type BSC032N03S G Package PG-TDSON-8 Marking 32N03S Product Summary V DS R DS(on),max ID 30 3.2 100 PG-TDSON-8 V mΩ A Maximum ratings, at T j=25 °C, unless otherwise specified Parameter Continuous drain current Symbol Conditions ID T C=25 °C T C=100 °C T A=25 °C, R thJA=45 K/W 2) Pulsed drain current Avalanche energy, single pulse Reverse diode d v /dt Gate source voltage Power dissipation I D,pulse E AS dv /dt V GS P tot T C=25 °C T A=25 °C, R thJA=45 K/W 2) Operating and storage temperature IEC climatic category; DIN IEC 68-1 T j, T stg T C=25 °C3) I D=50 A, R GS=25 Ω I D=50 A, V DS=24 V, di /dt =200 A/µs, T j,max=150 °C Value 100 77 23 200 550 6 ±20 78 2.8 -55 … 150 55/150/56 °C mJ kV/µs V W Unit A Rev. 1.64 page 1 2009-10-22 BSC032N03S G Parameter Symbol Conditions min. Thermal characteristics Thermal resistance, junction – case R thJC bottom top Thermal resistance, junction – ambient R thJA minimal footprint 6 cm2 cooling area2) 1.6 18 62 45 K/W Values typ. max. Unit Electrical characteristics, at T j=25 °C, unless otherwise specified Static characteristics Drain-source breakdown voltage Gate threshold voltage Zero gate voltage drain current V (BR)DSS V GS=0 V, I D=1 mA V GS(th) I DSS V DS=V GS, I D=70 µA V DS=30 V, V GS=0 V, T j=25 °C V DS=30 V, V GS=0 V, T j=125 °C Gate-source leakage current Drain-source on-state resistance I GSS R DS(on) V GS=20 V, V DS=0 V V GS=4.5 V, I D=50 A V GS=10 V, I D=50 A Gate resistance Transconductance RG g fs |V DS|>2|I D|R DS(on)max, I D=50 A 30 1.2 1.6 0.1 2 1 µA V 0.3 57 10 10 3.9 2.7 0.6 113 100 100 4.9 3.2 1.2 Ω S nA mΩ 1) 2) J-STD20 and JESD22 2 Device on 40 mm x 40 mm x 1.5 mm epoxy PCB FR4 with 6 cm (one layer, 70 µm thick) copper area for drain connection. PCB is vertical in still air. 3) See figure 3 Rev. 1.64 page 2 2009-10-22 BSC032N03S G Parameter Symbol Conditions min. Dynamic characteristics Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance Turn-on delay time Rise time Turn-off delay tim […]

BSC032N03SG Datasheet PDF