QD0056C Datasheet – 10Pin Board, Light Microcontroller control

QD0056C Datasheet PDF

Part Number : QD0056C

Function : Light Controller

Product Image

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Microcontroller control with garlands made in the form of a small board with 10-pin, imeyuscheychetyre outputs that through limiting resistors directly control thyristors MCR100-6 rasschitannymina 0,6-0,8A current at voltages up to 400V, in some the control electrodes of the thyristors devices connected to the outputs of the microcontroller directly without resistors.


QD0056C pinout

1. CMOS manufacturing technology
2. Operating voltage range DC: 2.4 -4,5V
3. Four vyhodana management garlands
4. Select one of the eight functions selection button Program


QD0056C Datasheet

QD0056C Datasheet